Just In: Actor Siddharth Apologises For His Comments Against Nayanthara!

To each their own!

Finally, after multiple allegations against a predator like Radha Ravi and his nasty behaviour, the DMK Party lifted him off every post and position he ever held. Apart from that, Nadigar Sangam’s President Vishal has strongly condemned his act and sent across a strong-worded letter. Many production houses and biggies from the industry have decided not to cast him in any films anymore. Nayanthara didn’t have to say a word and this was already done in no time.

It was initially Vignesh Shivan and Chinmayi Sripaada who raised their voices against the actor. The singer was removed from the dubbing council for filing a complaint against Radha Ravi.

However, although actor Siddharth completely condemns, he was perplexed about why Nayanthara was silent:

He stated,” I was shocked that my entire fraternity was either silent or cynical about the #MeToo movement; I silently rued the fact that it would take only the anger of a powerful woman to make the sleeping wake up. If you speak up only when your own are affected, it’s not called bravery. To any woman with influence who chose to be silent about #MeToo because of petty insecurity or prioritized outrage, please know you are as guilty as the men who dismissed the movement out of inherent misogyny. Each individual must take responsibility irrespective of gender.*women who chose to stay silent about other womens’ #MeToo survivor stories. It’s twitter, so I sometimes need to over state even the obvious.


An angry Vignesh Shivan politely shut Siddharth:

Siddharth immediately apologised for the same! Here’s what he said:


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