JFW’s Fashion Report: Who Wore What This Week!

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The week had stars making fashion statements and blunders, so we bring you the best and the worst dressed of the week. From wearing traditionals to funky Indo-western outfits, here are actresses styling it up with each event they head to!


Rakul Preet

It would appear that it was Rakul Preet’s week. From fashionable statements to sporting a new outfit every day, Rakul dressed to kill. She wasn’t extra, just plain putting on her fashionable best for all the events lined up. She began the week with her favourite colour – blue – in a mix of Urvahi Joneja and Chanel, styled by her friend Neeraja Kona.

Verdict: Yay!


She followed it up with this elegant sequined dress by Shriya Som. More than the dress, we love the way she’s carrying it off especially in those matching shoes.

Verdict: Yay!


But here’s where Rakul outdid herself. Speaking at the International Film Festival of India in Goa, Rakul wore this gorgeous blood red Lola by Suman B outfit and charmed everyone. The best part is, jewellery is minimal here with the golden drops and rings giving the look much pizzaz.

Verdict: Double Yay!


In this SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi lehenga, Rakul looks gorgeous. But we wish she tried out a different hairstyle. While waves look nice, how often can you sport the same look for every outfit?

Verdict: Yay.

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