#JFWCalendar2019 First Look Out: 6 Actresses In A One-Of-A-Kind Photoshoot!!

It’s out!

If there’s one thing that will remain constant over the years, it’s calendars. And one can never have too many calendars at home, work and even a fancy digital version of it on your phones, tablets and laptops. Bearing this concept in mind, we at JFW are proud to present our labour of love – a one-of-a-kind calendar featuring six top South Indian actresses and them sporting 24 stunning looks put together, with four looks each.

Ringing in 2019, these six popular actresses from Pan-South Indian film industry grace each month in a mix of high fashionable shots. The calendar will feature Aishwarya Rajesh, Taapsee Pannu, Shriya Saran, Regina Cassandra, Andrea Jeremiah, and Raiza Wilson.

We have Aishwarya Rajesh as a dancer, twirling and twisting with grace with mirrors reflecting her.

The next look features gorgeous Taapsee Pannu, who is showcasing an alternate career choice. If not an actress, Taapsee, with her deep rooted passion for squash, would have been a sports woman, she claims.

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@taapsee is all things feisty as a squash player for #JFWCalendar2019! Follow us for more pics from the calendar! . . . . #Calendar2019 #taapsepannu #JFW . #Repost @taapsee (@get_repost) ・・・ When I was “what if you weren’t an actor” ….. I just posed for the answer 🙂 #ForTheLoveOfSports #SquashGirl @jfwmagazine calendar #JFWCalendar2019

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Raiza Wilson is all sultry and stylish as Cat Woman, with her feline alter-ego pawing for some mischief. Right from her cat ears to her pose, one can totally see her channel this comic anti-heroine!

Andrea Jeremiah is ethereal as a mermaid. Always making way into new places like water, her fluid passion is calm but therein lays a deep undercurrent of versatility.

Regina Cassandra shows off her emotional bond with exploring the traveller inside her. Right from the setting to her outfit, pose and the objects around her, the picture screams wild wanderlust!

Shriya Saran takes us on a magical journey, where you watch her elegantly float in the air amidst hyperbolic elements. While the setting is far-fetched, it implores you to dive into this magic realism and feel calm watching this rather serene picture.

The artist behind the lens is photographer Sunder Ramu, whose vision for each frame translated into the star giving her best, all tweaked to perfection by Sunder’s creativity. Working as the backbone of each look were the sets, intricately conceived and executed by celebrated art director Rajeevan.

Overall, the JFW 2019 Calendar is more than just a chronology for the New Year; it’s about bringing more fantasy into your life, celebrating it in style. To purchase your copy, click here.

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