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I’ve always cheated on my kisses! – Kajal Aggarwal

What’s in a kiss?

The beautiful Kajal Aggarwal has worked on over 45 movies, but never kissed on screen. The Queenbee of South Indian films shares how she has become an expert on faking kisses on screen!

The bubbly actress in a recent interview, discussing intimacy on-screen said, “I’ve always cheated on my kisses. In fact, I believe I cheat brilliantly. I’ve been stern about this one thing. I was never okay about getting intimate on screen unless it was absolutely required,” reveals the actress who has legions of fans down South.

A kissing scene sequence from the movie Maattrraan, proves Kajal actually is not okay with being intimate on-screen. For this particular sequence Kajal actually kissed a chroma cusion and Suriya ended up kissing plastic sheets, that’s exactly how the scene was shot!


However, Kajal broke this taboo for her movie with Randeep Hooda in Do Lafzon Ki Kahani where the scene actually needed her being intimate. Her performance in the movie as a visually challenged girl won more appreciation if not anything. Discussing this kiss sequence, Kajal explains, “I might sound clichéd but to be honest the story here did demand it. How else would a blind girl project her feelings and express herself, if she didn’t get physical? Of course, I was hesitant and edgy. But once I understood its importance, I was okay.”

Meanwhile, Randeep Hooda and Kajal have been friends for a while, which further made it easier for duo to enact the scene.

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