Is your Home Monsoon ready?!


Monsoon brings with it a beautiful breeze and cooler temperatures. Gazala takes you through some do’s and don’t’s this monsoon to ensure that your home is monsoon-ready and making the most of this weather that we all so love.

A spattering of raindrops accompanied with cool monsoon winds – doesn’t this already feel refreshing? While the monsoon brings with it a respite from the heat, it comes with its share of mess and one has to ensure that their home is ready for the rain and all it brings with it- the good and the bad. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s that you can adapt to make your home all set for the monsoon.


  1. Heavy drapes are a strict no during the monsoons. They tend to block the incoming breeze, make space look more gloomy and dark and are prone to start smelling musty in rainy seasons. While the weather is already gloomy, it is blessed with the company of pleasant breeze- make sure you are not blocking it out with heavy drapes and curtains. Store away the ornamental window upholstery as they are not suited for monsoon in more ways than one.
  2. While sinking one’s feet into a lush rug is gratifying, heavy rugs are a big no during monsoons. They can start smelling musty and if wet, take a long time to dry making the space smell dank and unpleasant. Not to forget the possibility of having it soiled with muddy feet and shoes that are a common occurrence come monsoon.  Roll away the heavy rugs that are more suited for winters and replace them with something light.
  3. If you have been using air coolers or humidifiers to beat the summer heat, it’s time to store them away. The humidity is already high during this season and using such equipment will only add to the humidity making it more uncomfortable.



  1. Install dirt trappers and anti-slip foot mats near doors. From entrance doors to balcony doors, make sure one dries their feet and gets rid of the mud stuck in their shoes before they enter your home.
  2. Place an umbrella stand or a holder near the entrance. Make sure to add multiple umbrellas to a stand that dries quickly and is not too bulky. It is a great addition during this season as one can store all the rain essentials at one place and reach them when needed without having to search for anything. The market is full of varied hangers, stands etc, that come in varied styles and sizes.
  3. Pick rugs that do not slip and are light and easy to maintain. Replace heavy rugs with easy-to-clean ones that if soiled, can be cleaned without much hassle. Coir mats are one of the best options as they are readily available, do not slip easily, don’t get soiled easily and can be air-dried if wet.
  4. While the monsoon tends to bring gloomy days, this shouldn’t be a reason for one to have gloomy indoors. Add a hint of bright colours to your decor to lift the mood in your home. While a complete makeover would be too farfetched for many, opt for accessories like cushions, throws, curtains etc that are brightly coloured and will make your interiors look beaming and welcoming.
  5. As already mentioned, heavy and ornamental curtains are a no during monsoons. Replace these with light and sheer window dressing to make the most of the breeze that is often experienced in monsoon. Use light materials that are easy to clean and maintain ensuring that you can make the most of the weather.
  6. Nature is at its prettiest at this time of the year. The monsoon brings with it blooms and fresh plants that are a sight to behold. Add fresh cut flowers or potted plants to your decor to infuse some freshness. You could also add more floral patterns to your home to create that vibrant appeal.
  7. Candles are a perfect addition to your home decor come monsoon. The rich fragrance from candles can mask any musty smell and also build an inviting aroma. Add an elaborate candelabra and you not only have a charming new statement piece to your home, but something really useful when the power goes out!
  8. Add rain chains or wind chimes to your balcony to enjoy the serenity of the monsoon. Rains are a welcome sight, but installing wind chimes will add another dimension to the experience. The monsoon breeze making the wind chimes clink is a tranquil experience for the senses. Rain chains are yet another addition to your decor that can enrich an already sensual experience.
  9. The kitchen can seem weary in weather like this. Add a splash of colour in your cutlery to make the space more spritely for the ones using the kitchen, and the diners.
  10. If you have a balcony garden, it can be a messy affair. Make sure you keep your garden in check and mop away any water that might lead to slippery floors or stagnation of water that will lead to breeding of insects. Place an anti-slip mat at the entrance and use rainproof furniture in this area. Do away with any cushions or any items that may get damaged due to the weather. If you have a garden – presence of frogs, mosquitoes or other insects can be on the rise. Make sure you keep pesky pests from entering your home by installing mesh screens or doors that will keep them away.

You can now enjoy the cool and pleasant perks of the monsoon without worrying about its messy traces.

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