Is your Home Baby Ready? Decor Guide for new Parents!

Baby proofing your home!

Becoming parents for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. While the expecting mother is going through myriad changes herself, it is imperative to make relevant changes to your home before the baby arrives.  Gazala pens down a few tips to prepare your home to welcome the newest entrant to your family.

The entire journey of being pregnant can be a memorable experience. While there are moments of agonising pain, there are also moments that are special and shared only between a mother and her child. As new parents, apart from the excitement of welcoming a new member, couples are often planning to accommodate their little one in their home. Here are a few simple tips that will help you make small changes to your home to make it more friendly for the new parents and the baby.

  • Use noise absorbing the material in your home: Replace light and transparent curtains with thicker drapes, or add a layer of block out and noise dampening material along with the existing sheer curtains. These will not only help the expecting mother to catch up on her sleep, as often- sleeping can be a real challenge during pregnancy, but it will also help to keep the room less noisy and more cosy for your little one.
  • Sleeping comfortably is a real task for expectant mother. Sleeping discomfort can continue after the birth of the little one too. Getting a pregnancy pillow, or adding a lot of soft pillows and cushions can become really essential for the comfort of the mother, especially after the baby is born. Stock up on soft and light pillows and cushions that you will need after your little one arrives.
  • It is most ideal to opt for a cradle for your infant as it is a much safer option than making the baby sleep along with you. It provides more room for the baby and the parents too can sleep comfortably without constantly worrying about accidentally hurting the child in their sleep.
  • Keep the cradle in a position where it is easy to access for the mother. Babies often wake up multiple times at night, and keeping the cradle away can be more exhausting for the mother.
  • Use rugs around the cradle. It not only helps to visually separate the area but also helps in reducing noise and makes tiptoeing around the baby much easier.

Make sure you’ve got baby-friendly paint on your walls to complete your kids’ rooms. VISIT NIPPON PAINTS to choose the safest paint options for your child! 

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