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Is gender equality a lost cause when it comes to jobs? Find out why this discrimination!

A long road to equality? Well, begin with designation!

They say the world is progressing, globalizing, yet the rights and conditions of women remain an issue of concern.  Equality begins at home, from oneself, by people around one. This is proved by how one treats another person. We as a society are so busy teaching our men what they should do and women what they should not do, we forget to inculcate the basics of equality. Right from epics to everyday school routines, all our teachings are biased and oppressive against women.

One such highlighted practice despite several screams from feminists is the way the designation of a woman is addressed by a person. Let her be a director, doctor, scientist, the society makes sure her gender is placed before her hard-earned designation. Be it a male doctor or a scientist, he still will be called a doctor or a scientist. Whereas a woman who is a doctor or a scientist is addressed as a “Lady” Doctor / “Lady” Scientist.

This kind of discrimination is widely present in every industry of work there is. There is a huge shock when we come across women professing certain professions or as the society would claim as “man-jobs”. For instance, a plumber, carpenter, contractor, or any job involving moving muscles is a job not suitable for women. Certain other jobs also shock society if a woman is associated with it like, a delivery person, autorickshaw driver, biker, racer, Shaman and the list goes on.

This bias is pretty common and evident in the media industry as well where the male performers are referred to as actors while the female performers are the actresses. There were several outbursts from H’wood to K’wood on why the bias on the working name is just because of gender. There were phases too when several leading female leads refused to associate with the term actress and termed them as actors. That seed of a phase has been forgotten and needs to be revamped, followed again.  The same when it comes to a director or filmmaker, they make sure these creative heads are termed alongside their gender. Society has done it so effortlessly, that even we as women acknowledge it and claim our designation with lady or female being the never forgotten surname.

For many, this instance of bias may seem petty or negligible, but such small nays comprehend a bigger aye – the aye we women are expected to nod to.  But, the battle for the right to equality is still a long haul with yet another war of equal designation to win over.

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