In Conversation With Richa Kar, Founder And CEO Of Zivame

‘Every woman is sculpted differently and needs a unique style that fits her particular need’

In a world of limited choices and hushed conversations  (thanks to male salesmen) over buying lingerie, four out of five Indian women did not know their right size and were wearing ill-fitting bras all their life. Enter Zivame. An online lingerie retailer in India, Zivame is educating women about underwear and why we should invest in good underwear. All kudos to Richa Kar, an alumnus of the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology (BITS), Pilani, who introduced the concept of Zivame Fitting Lounges in the country.


How did you start from Ground Zero? What was the idea behind Zivame?

As part of my previous job, I was working on an assignment to study a global lingerie brand. That got me thinking about lingerie as a category in India. I soon realized that the customer experience in the category is extremely poor in India. Thus, Zivame was born in 2011 out of a vision to ensure that every woman has the access to the lingerie she deserves in the most convenient and private way possible.

 Could you tell us interesting tips about how women should choose the right form of lingerie?

Cracking the right size is the first and most important step to finding your perfect lingerie. We offer online and offline guidance for our customers when it comes to size. Example: Zivame size calculator, Telephonic and chat fit consultation, Fit lounge, which is an experience zone, where a woman can enter into the world of lingerie and discover her perfect match. While size is an important factor, style of lingerie also plays a vital role. Every woman is sculpted differently and needs a unique style that fits her particular need. For example, a demi cup may not be meant for everyone. Zivame’s fit experts help women pick the right style of lingerie suited for their breast type. For example an off-shoulder top would require a strapless bra; a low neck top would require a plunge neckline. The company has opened its first stand-alone fitting lounge in Bangalore. It plans to unveil about 100 more in the next three years.

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