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I Wish Karthik Had Not Released That Video: RJ Suchi Expresses Her Grief And Talks About What Her Plans Look Like In The Future!

Years after the #suchileaks scandal it seems that the RJ is doing much better now after her battle with depression.

It has been three years since the controversial hashtag suchi leaks trended on Twitter. Big names in the Tamil film industry were a part of the scandalous hashtag that was allegedly started by popular RJ and singer Suchitra. While claims were made and fingers were pointed, the allegations, remarks,pictures and videos were all buried under the carpet with no closure or proof.

Although, the RJ went up to media houses to prove her innocence by claiming that her social media account was hacked  but her claims did not match the statements made by her  ex-husband and the rest of the family. It was also rumoured that the singer would be leaving to London to receive treatment and become better. In a recent interview with The Times of India, Suchi opened up about her disappointment over her ex-husband Karthik Kumar who released a video that created a stir.

“I wish Karthik had not released that video because it confused a lot of people. It affected my work and my relationships. I was going through depression, but I’d have come out of it eventually. It could have been done in a dignified way. Eventually, Karthik, too, realised that it was a bad idea and took it down. I don’t blame the media as they were confused, too. Those leaks… who pulls out private videos of other people from the fraternity and shares it publicly? Who has got access to these videos and which big hand was behind this? All this really shook me. Till date, I have not seen even one of these videos. It is not because I don’t want to be informed about it. Somehow, I didn’t want to add one view of mine to those videos,” she stated in an interview with TOI.

Well, all is behind her today and the singer is back to being an RJ and it seems that she’s found her happy place.

Going back to being an RJ after a twelve year long stint must’ve been exhausting but it seems that RJ Suchi is now able to find solace while doing her work.

The last twelve years has made Suchi see various ups and downs all of which has led to her becoming a completely different person now. Her breakfast show has a different perspective although her quirk on air is still intact. She also feels that the restrictions on radio shows has reduced over the last few years.

“I have changed and I am 100 per cent a different person. In the last 12 years, I’ve seen more ups and downs than one would in their entire lifetime. The sound of 98.3 Mirchi Chennai’s ‘Hi Chennai’, my breakfast show, is completely different. Of course, my general craziness on air will be intact, but my perspective has changed. When I was doing the show back then, there were a lot of don’ts. I feel those have relaxed a bit. Radio is a more viable medium for personal expression as well. The jocks are talking about their opinion on things and they are more informed. Listeners, too, have changed,” Suchi told The Times of India.

During her sabbatical and in her path to recovery, Suchi found comfort in cooking. During one of the darkest phases of her life she took a break from work and enrolled herself in a professional cooking course. Cooking became her therapy of sorts which is why her Instagram bio now proudly sports singer-songwriter and cook along with her proud tag as an RJ.

Suchi also explained how she has not seen a single video that was leaked by the #suchileaks. She explained that the events that happened shook her to her core and it affected both her professional and personal life.She also stated that she’s only disappointed more than anything else as people tend to believe anything without ever taking sides. She also expressed her gratitude to those who gave her the benefit of the doubt.

“I am still in the process of learning. I am not bitter about anything, today, but I am disappointed that people believe convenient things and take sides without knowing the facts. A couple of people extended their voice of support, including Amala Paul, who gave me benefit of the doubt. In fact, some people from the film fraternity have wished me on my comeback as an RJ,” said Suchi.

It is truly inspiring to see that the fighter spirit in Suchi has not died. She’s surely set to break barriers and boundaries in the coming future. 

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