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I Was Harassed By My Boss And I Was Helpless!

When there’s power play, do you resist or fight back?

When a regular patient to the hospital, a 75 year old Veena asked Anna, she had confided in her and told her about how Dr. Vivek harassed her. Over lunch with Veena one afternoon, Anna was given a few tips to escape from the clutches of Dr. Vivek. Following Veena’s instructions, Anna gathered evidences for Dr. Vivek’s gruesome act. She gathered other nurses that faced a similar problem and also made sure that some of Dr. Vivek’s “gestures” were caught on CCTV.

In a month’s time, with the help of a member of third party NGO and the hospital’s internal harassment committee, Dr. Vivek’s advances were scrutinized. He was given counselling and was terminated immediately. Since the hospital wanted to retain their reputation, they had transferred Anna and the two other nurses to the hospital’s other locations. Anna was transferred to Dubai because of her good ratings. Her work permit was processed within a fortnight and Anna was leaving to Dubai. She couldn’t express her thanks to Ms. Veena with enough actions. When she rode to the airport, Anna was not only relieved, but also confident.

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