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“I Always Tease Him And Call Myself A Single Parent”, Prithi Ashwin Shares Some Details About Daddy Ashwin!

The cricketer hardly gets to stay home.

Have you ever wondered how will the life of the women in our famous cricketers’ life be? Especially wives of our blue men. From missing their hubby during delivery to taking care of their kids single-handedly, these women make many sacrifices so that our boys play well. Being a celebrity wife is tough; being a celebrity mother who has to protect her kid(s) from all the paparazzi is tougher. However, Prithi Ashwin, wife of Chennai boy Ravichandran Ashwin, the fastest cricketer to get to 250 wickets and only the third Indian to win the coveted ICC Cricketer of the year award is handling it all really well. The couple knew each other from school days and got married in 2011. The couple welcomed their first child in 2015 their second daughter was born in December 2016. With kids who are both really young, Prithi says it’s tough taking care of them.

We all know Ashwin’s talent when it comes to cricket. However, how hands-on he was when it came to being a parent was one thing that we were curious about. Prithi admits that Ashwin is a hands-on daddy, at least when he is at home. And daddy dearest is especially good with his little girl Akhira.

“He is very good with the girls. He really misses home a lot more now when he is away on long tours. Thankfully, technology has made it a lot easier for us to connect and talk.”

Considering Ashwin’s choc-o-block schedule, most of the times Prithi ends up shouldering all the responsibilities.

On a lighter note, Prithi calls herself a single parent. “I always tease him and call myself a single parent”

Does being a cricketer’s wife mean you have to watch cricket? We are not sure of others, but for Prithi, cricket obsession did not happen after she met Ashwin.

Even as a kid, Prithi enjoyed watching cricket. Well, little did she know that this game would change her life, all for the good!


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