How To Recreate Actress Tamannaah’s Nails at Home! Plus 4 more Nail art Ideas!

Quarantine nail sessions!


Are you tired of applying the same boring colours to your nails? Are you in the lookout for the most trending and easy nail designs to do it yourself? Here are five simple nail art designs that you can try at home!

These days, painting your nails with ordinary colours are considered boring. Stylish nail art are all the rage. Investing a little time in figuring out the perfect nail design to complete your whole look is a worthwhile endeavour. After all, nail art is relatively an inexpensive way to make a fashion statement.

Tamannah took to Instagram to post an image of her freshly done nails and we can’t help but fall in love with it’s colour and simplicity. She had french manicure done but with a twist. The tips of nail were done in blue.


Here’s how you can get the look!

French manicure with a twist:

Instead of colouring the tip of your nails white, like you normally do for French manicures, mix different bright colours, in this case a lovely shade of ink blue.

Apply a protective transparent base coat. Apply different shades of colours like Yellow, Red, Green or Blue and mix it on your nail tips. There is no set pattern. You can play with your taste.

When you’re done, seal it with another layer of transparent nail polish. It will not only look chic and trendy, it will also go perfectly with any outfit.


Lazy girl nail art:

This nail design is for girls who feel lazy to sit patiently for a long time to do their nails. This cloudy nail design is not only going to look creative, but is also a 5-minute-job. Apply a pastel blue nail paint as the base and just dab the tips with white nail colour. The fun catch in this design is that you need not even be precise with the tips. In fact, the less precise you are, the more it resembles the clouds. For a different take on the same design, try applying black nail colour as your base coat and sprinkle silver glitter on top to give it a starry night effect. It is a trendy design that is also long-lasting.

Cozy knitted nail art

Nail patterns are something that will always remain in fashion. This design will give you a 3D knit pattern and marks a whole new level in nail patterns. Apply a base layer of any colour you like. Use the white icing gel which is a nail accessory. It is available in all leading cosmetic brand stores. You can also use thick white acrylic paint as an alternate. And then, it’s very simple. You just have to draw the designs that you want and ta-da. You have your own 3D patterned nails that will look smashing with your trendy sweaters. It might wear off easily if not looked after properly. While showing it in water is not a problem, not being careful with your nails will expose it to damages.

Newspaper patterned nails

Here’s the perfect nail art that bookworms and geeks will love. Put the bundles of old newspapers lying in your house to a fashionable use. Though it looks intricate, this is a rather easy technique. Just apply a dull colour for the base. After it dries, dip you fingers, one by one, into either rubbing alcohol or hot water. When your nails are still wet, press a piece of newspaper firmly onto your nails and carefully peel it off. You will find the ink from the paper left behind. Seal it with a protective transparent coat. It is long-lasting and doesn’t wear off that easily. The cute and funky nail art will make heads turn for sure.

Splatter paint nail art

Show your artistic skills with paint in your nails. If you want to make your nail art session with your friends more fun and playful, this design is the one you should be trying. The design works best with a pale white or black nail colour as the base layer. Take a straw. Dip it inside any paint colour of your choice, and then comes the fun part. Blow the straw from the other end onto your nails. Experiment with your artistic ideas. Try different colours and make it a fun nail art session. Add a transparent layer on top to seal it. It is a stylish nail art that also comes with a fun story.



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