How To Dress Up For Onam Like Your Favourite Celebrities!

Onam Ashamshakal!

Although Onam is known for Poo Kolam and Sadhya, there is another unsaid happiness that comes along with the festival. Women get to wear the traditional Kasavu sarees while men get to wear Mundus. The entire purpose of Onam becomes even more exciting when we see our near and dear ones dressed up in Onam Sarees and Malli poo for the occasion. However, wearing the same Kasavu every single year is boring as it becomes monotonous. You also don’t have to stick only to the saree tradition for Onam. Confused about how to change your look this festive season? Here’s how you could dress up for Onam just like your favourite celebrities.

  1. Kasavu with a Twist:

It is boring to always wear a cotton Kasavu with a solid coloured blouse that matches the border. This time, try wearing a beige or off-gold saree with a designer blouse for your Onam look. Try to avoid prints if you are going for a cream saree, as a plain saree will be a better replacement for the traditional Kasavu. Here, Samantha has opted to go for a high-neck blouse. You can also wear a simple U-cut blouse and wear a statement necklace.

Style Tip: Wear trendy and huge earrings to go with a look!


2. Monochrome Salwar Suit:

While Kasavu sarees are expected out of you, surprise your near and dear ones with a monochrome salwar suit. Again, the colour here is cream as it would suit the Onam occasion. Rashmika here has opted for a simple salwar suit with minor embroidery work. You can also think of a suit with a border that is similar to a traditional Onam saree border. In case your suit comes with a heavy Dupatta, style it by placing it on one shoulder.

Style Tip: Wear minimalistic jewellery with the suit, preferably pearls!


3. DIY Saree:

Onam is a day away, and you may not have a blouse. Go to your mother’s wardrobe and steal her Kasavu or any other off-white saree. Then, head to your wardrobe and pick a top that could be converted into a blouse. Voila! You have your DIY saree look with a modern twist. Just like Aishwarya Lekshmi, you can also add a belt to the saree after traditional pleats for a contemporary look.

Style Tip: Wear flat slippers or cut-shoes along with this ensemble to elevate your look!


4. A Northie Onam Look:

Onam can be celebrated even by our Northie brothers and sisters! Or, we Southies could also adopt Northie fashion for this Onam. Pick a heavy work Lehenga for your Onam look this time, and stun everyone around you. You can also drape the dupatta with pleats, or wear it like a shawl across your shoulder, just like Pooja Hegde. If the Lehenga has embroidery work in dark green or red, then it will also be similar to the traditional Onam look.

Style Tip: Wear a bun and wrap it with Malli Poo to complete the North-South integration!


5. Kasavu Half-Saree:

When they say “Dress up for Onam!” why do we only think saree? Why not Half-saree? Half saree takes you back in time and makes you look vibrant. You can wear an off-white or cream printed skirt and blouse, along with a traditional Kasavu half-saree to make it look like you are wearing a perfect Kasavu. Additionally, you can also stitch a puff-sleeved long-hand blouse as it always goes well with half-sarees.

Style Tip: Accessorize your ensemble with heavy jhumkas and bangles that make noise as you walk!


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