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Horrifying: Pervert Installs Secret Cam in Women’s Hostel

Secret cameras were found in switch sockets, bathroom rods, and lamps!!

A private women’s hostel in Chennai’s Aadambakkam has secret cameras put inside switch sockets, bathroom showering rods and lamps. Turns out, the owner kept them secretly and would frequently visit the hostel rooms under the pretext of fixing things here and there.

According to The New Indian Express, the accused who has been identified as Sampath Kumar alias Sanjay, is from Kerala and owns the apartment which he rented out to seven working women back in September this year. The incident that led to the women finding out the secret cameras was when one of the women used the socket for drying her hair but the entire socket came out with the camera found there instead.

Cameras were fixed not just in sockets but inside lamps in the women’s bedrooms and in the metal towel rods in the bathroom. A complaint has since been filed against Sampath, following which an investigation is being done.

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