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Hilariously Yours: 5 Types Of TV Watchers That Exist In Every Household And Group!

TV Viewers

When you have nothing to do (or you have something to do that you really don’t want to), your best friend is the Television. Hundreds of channels, hundreds of different content, all from the comfort of your sofa, what’s not to love?

There’s no one way to enjoy your lazy, comfortable Television evening. Here’s a list of different types of TV watchers, inspired by a new JFW original by Dipshi and Rahul, which you should totally check out!

1. The Background Viewer:

Sometimes the best part about TV is not watching it at all. Whether you’re looking for a filler while doing something productive, or just lazing around on the sofa, the TV fills the room up with noise, making you forget that you’re just sitting by yourself!

2. The Switcher

Maybe the day you chose to just unwind with something to watch on the TV wasn’t the best, as there’s nothing really that interests you at all. Fear not! It’s extremely easy to pass time just switching between channels. Keep channel surfing, and you’ll realise that even the most boring programs are much more interesting when you limit your watching time to 2 minutes!

3. The Annoying Talker

It can be great having someone to watch something with, whether it’s a really good movie, an important sports match, or something else, to share your viewing pleasure with. However, be very, very wary of the Annoying Talker. This person will not only talk over the best parts of whatever you’re watching but also forcefully make you listen to their ‘expert’ opinion on things and worst of all, may even SPOIL the moment you were eagerly awaiting.

4. The Remote Struggler

We’ve all been there. You sit down or lay down on the sofa depending on your mood, have whatever you need to occupy yourself for the next couple of hours, but then… the remote doesn’t work! What comes after is a wrestling match between you and the remote, consisting of numerous hits of the remote against your knee, and begging for it to work, until you realise you put the batteries the wrong way in the last time you dropped it.

5. The TV Converser

When you’re watching something live, whether it’s an exciting sports game featuring your favourite team or player, or a game show you love, it’s hard not to get very involved in it. Your favourite bowler keeps bowling down the leg side, you shout at him from your living room, and when someone answers something wrong in a quiz, you yell at the screen, asking the contestant how they can be so wrong!

You may not find yourself on this list, but maybe Dipshi and Rahul have got you in their video. Check out the JFW Youtube channel for this video and more!

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