Here’s What You Need To Know About India’s Porn Habits in 2018!

Pornhub posted stats on Indian Porn habits and it is shocking!

Every year, adult films site Pornhub put out their end review which includes data about where the maximum traffic came from, how many visited their site, what was the top search and how many minutes (or hours) each visitor stuck around for.

The stats show that India ranks number 3 in terms of generating the highest traffic! The first two were United States of America and the United Kingdom. Interestingly, India ranked number 3 last year too with US and UK respectively holding the same positions.

But India ranked second last in terms of the longest time spent on the site per visit. While they spend an average of 8m 23s every time they log on, countries like in the Philippines (13m 50s) and South Africa (10m 57s) rose to the top. India was at 8m 20s last year so yay for that extra 3 seconds!

As for most searched words, ‘lesbian’ stands first followed by hentai, milf, and stepmom, pretty much the same from 2017.

Also, 30% were women in India watching porn while the rest were by men (70%). This is the same as 2016 and 2017 so we hope the differences get equaled soon.

As for the medium of watching their porn, a majority of them used their phones while the rest watched it on desktop and tablet – 71.6%, 19.7% and 8.7% respectively. This beats last year’s statistics on this front.

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