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“Hello Tarun, It’s Over”: Man Caught After Killing His Wife 15 Years Ago!!

The craziest story you’ll read today!

A story that plays out like the plot of a film, a man was found guilty of murdering his wife 15 years ago and was finally caught by the police last week. The man, Tarun Kumar Jinaraj, was an executive at Bengaluru’s Oracle company. He had allegedly assumed a different identity after he had murdered his wife.

According to The News Minute, Tarun had changed his name to Pravin Bhateley since 2003. He is said to have strangled his wife and had been on the run since then. Tarun’s wife died on February 14, 2003, just four months after their marriage. At the time, Tarun claimed that it was a case of a robbery gone wrong that resulted in her death. Upon further investigation, it came to light that Tarun had murdered her as a Valentine’s Day gift to his then-girlfriend. By the time he was zeroed in as a suspect, Tarun left home and changed his identity. Eventually, he didn’t marry his girlfriend and ended up marrying and settling down with another woman.

The case was revived soon after Tarun made a call to his mother in Mandsaur, MP, through his landline number at the office.

The police working on the case elaborated how Tarun has been doing pretty well for himself in the past 15 years. After murdering his wife, he worked in Delhi, Pune, and began working at Oracle six years ago. He is a father to two boys with his current wife and had been living without a worry for a while now.

Catching Tarun played out like another dramatic event. The police, dressed in plain clothes, met Tarun as an employee and told him upon seeing him for the first time: “Hello Tarun, it’s over… Let’s go.” Unsurprisingly, Tarun denied the crime till her finally confessed.

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