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Heartbreaking Stories From Kerala & Kodagu Floods

Hundreds killed, thousands displaced.

This past weekend, officials and the common people of Kerala and other states worked relentlessly to provide aid and some sort of relief to those who were affected by the rains and the subsequent floods in the state. Around 22,000 people were rescued, with officials saying that this has been one of worst floods in Kerala since 1924. While people are trying to recuperate and take in whatever relief they can get, stories of people and the damage they’ve endured has been doing the rounds.

Kodagu in Karnataka, too, has been going through a similar situation. More than 3,500 people have been rescued as of Sunday.

Man Takes Selfie Video Of His Neck-Deep Flooded House In Kerala

A man took a video of himself stuck in his flooded house. Neck-deep water, the man pleaded to be rescued when he went live on Facebook. “No way to escape from this place. This is the condition inside the house. It looks like water is rising to the second floor. I hope you can see this,” he said.


80-Year-Old Widow Loses House And Her Animals In Kodagu

Kodagu in Karnataka has been dealing with floods and landslides too. An 80-year-old widow had her house completely buried in a landslide, losing all of her belongings apart from the tracksuit she was wearing. She is now safe in Mysore but she had to walk 6kms to a safer zone. The lady could not save her dogs and cows, who perished in the landslide. While her daughter has come from Doha to take care of her, the whole incident left her in shock.


9-Year-Old Donates Her Piggy Bank Money For Kerala Floods Relief

The Kerala Floods that has been raging since August 8 left many stranded, imploring citizens everywhere to donate in every possible way. 9-year-old Anupriya from Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, has been saving money for years in her various piggy banks. For the past four years, she has been saving money in order to buy a bike for herself. She donated Rs 9,000 for the relief, thus inspiring many along the way. Hero Cycles chairman and MD, Pankaj M Munjal took to Twitter and announced that he was so moved by her decision that he would like to present her a bike every year for the rest of her life.


‘Thank You’ Note On The Terrace In Kerala

A house in Kerala’s Kochi painted ‘thanks’ on the roof of a house to express their gratitude for Naval Commander Vijay Varma who had rescued two women from the area on August 17. The Indian Navy pilot was the one who had led the mission to rescue a pregnant woman from a flooded area near the Kochi airport and flying her to the Navy’s Sanjivani Hospital where she gave birth to a son. The video of the rescue went viral on the internet and won many hearts.



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