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Guess How Many Guests Are Attending The Gorgeous Samantha-Naga Chaitanya Wedding?

The wedding is going to be huge.

A wedding is a big deal in India. Marriage is a bond that attaches not just two individuals but two big families and gives everyone someone new to relate to and cherish. A brand new set of people are gifted to us in marriage. While every marriage has different benefits like this, certain celebrity-marriages account to a lot more. Some cases its merger of two big business brands or companies, sometimes its union of two communities.

At any cost, there is someone benefitted, and South India’s much-awaited marriage has benefits we didn’t even think about all these days. Sam and Nag wedding is actually a big deal because it’s the wedding in one of the biggest families in the film industry. Though the Goa destination wedding is said to be a private affair, it can’t really be given the number of guests invited. Sources say more than 150 families have received the invitation. Every possible who and who of the Industry is part of the wedding making it the biggest event in this year’s calendar.

Apart from the fun we get from witnessing this wedding, there are also other benefits out of it. On that note, let’s discuss who is the most benefitted out of this union.

Apparently, if someone is getting any mileage out of Samantha’s wedding, then the first name that is clicking to mind is none other than Telangana Government. There is a reason behind this as per the gossips doing rounds in film circles.

Samantha has a passionate love for handlooms just the way she loves Nag, she is promoting them hard in all her social media handles and has somehow Samantha clicked quite well as the brand ambassador of Handlooms in the newly formed youngest state of India, the Telangana. It is to be noted she wore one such handloom saree in our magazine cover shoot.

In addition, Sam started a new apparel-manufacturing company that designs handloom clothes after deciding to promote the handmade fabrics from this state adequately. That strengthened the bond between Samantha and the Government a lot, with Minister KTR showering praises on the actress.

We hear that Samantha has also presented some of her close friends with modern handloom clothes that ultimately look urbane. Also, she got some ethnic clothes made for many of her friends and relatives to wear at the wedding. There are two benefits out of this handloom love of hers, one is Telangana government getting free mileage through such promotion at their brand ambassador’s wedding. The other is for the handloom weavers for whom a rupee spent on it will save their hard lives.

India is country famous for worship and follows if the same applies and people start taking handloom seriously, then one can say Sam’s wedding has been a great benefit to her much loved the industry. October 6 and 7 is sure going to big!

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