Five makeup must-haves to lay the base right!

Everything you’ll need to keep your makeup intact!!

While we might have gotten our lashes and lipsticks drawn to perfection, how do we make sure that they last all night? Here are four makeup must haves apart from just a foundation that you’ll need to keep your makeup intact.


Yes, you’ll need a toner, especially for the heat and humidity we deal with for the major part of the year. A toner will help you balance out your skin by removing excess oil and evening it out. Use it after you wash your face and before you start applying your makeup. And since toner is a facial cleanser, you can use it to also remove makeup at the end of your day.


Foundation is literally the base for any good makeup. Ask for a ‘high-coverage’ foundation. This works best for the south’s humidity. ‘Long-lasting’ and ‘sweatproof’ are also some features you’ll want on your checklist. Choose a foundation that is not more than one or two shades lighter than your natural skin colour. If you are new to wearing foundation, it is important to either test it on your face or jawline before buying.


A concealer is a skin corrector that covers marks, redness, dark circles, pimples, and scars or any other problem areas on the skin. Opt for a “sticky” concealer that will adhere to your skin more and last longer than a cream-based one. Also, make sure that the colour of your concealer matches your foundation. This will prevent visible patches.


The primer plays the role of preventing your foundation from sweating off. This is incredibly important to keeping your make-up in place.

Facial Mist

Spray the mist once you are completely done with your makeup. You can re-apply these sprays all day long which will help cool you off, remove sweat and reset your makeup — all while keeping your skin hydrated.


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