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Filmmakers Demand Sexual Favours In Return For Roles:’Pisasu’ Actress Kani!

Seems to be never-ending!

Very many numbers of female artists have come out into the open about how various parts of the casting couch has demanded sexual favours or “adjustments” in order to land into a role. In a discussion that happened alongside the film screening, curated by WCC at the Cabral Yard as part of Kochi Muziri’s Biennale, the’Pisasu’ actress Kani Kusruti talked about the uncomfortable situation she had to go through.

During the meet, she said, “I initially wanted to be an artist in cinema. While doing films, I did realise that I cannot be what I am, if I want to be part of the industry. There were a lot of restrictions imposed on me, being a female actor and I do not think anyone can actually limit an artist. I found it tough to survive. There was no one for me to talk about it even though my parents were supportive, they always used to ask me to deal it myself.”

Eventually, she ended up not doing films even if she loved the script. “There were occasions where my mom was told that her daughter should do adjustments if she has to part of the project. I had to face a lot of humiliations and disrespect from the industry. Giving up, I decided not to do any films after that.”

She went back to the theatre. “There I couldn’t find enough money for my living. When I returned to films, I had a hard time finding roles without such adjustments.”
The actress was seen in various movies like ‘Pisasu’, ‘Burma’ and a short film named ‘Maa’.

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