Fashion Report Card: ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ on Who Wore What!

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The week has come to an end and we bring the best and the worst dressed of the week. From wearing traditionals to funky Indo-western outfits, here are actresses styling it up with each event they head to!


Andrea Jeremiah


For a promotional event for Vishwaroopam 2 in Hyderabad, Andrea wore this sober coloured ensemble by Taavare Clothing and teamed it up with jewellery that are equally subtle. Her stylist does a great job picking an outfit that includes a crop top with a loose shrug and a pleated, high-waisted bottom. The dress does wonders, accentuating Andrea’s figure as well as not going too overboard with the designs on the top.

Verdict: Yay!



Samantha Akkineni


Samantha began the week with a spark. Her skirt sparkles and it surely grabs attention. In a picture she shared recently, her skirt goes super well with a pseudo trenchcoat top that has some tassles to it but is, thankfully, simple enough to complement her overdone skirt.

Verdict: Yay!



Samantha again dressed up for yet another event this week, and much like always, she went extra. Perhaps a little too extra? While her outfit, a yellow Raw Mango lehenga, is gorgeous in itself, with classy earrings from Birdhichan Ghanshyamdas, it still makes her look a tad bit overdressed. We would’ve loved to see her doing a little more with her hair though, since she went extra anyway.

Verdict: Yay if it were for another occasion!



Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Earlier this week, while promoting Fanney Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan went all out dressed similar to her diva character from the film. Here, she’s seen wearing skinny jeans, a black camisole, black combat boots, and a bohemian-inspired tasseled jacket that surely is a departure from her regular outfits for such occasions. However, with her hair already being pink with curls, while it matches her jacket, it does look a bit overdone. Far from subtle, the jacket is more in-your-face and sometimes, it’s not always in a good way. And with her make-up, it really isn’t helping.

Verdict: Nay



Aishwarya wore a shiny jacket and similar jeans and camisole with shiny jewellery, and it wouldn’t be a lie if we said she didn’t grab attention. Shining her way through, she was certainly noticed. The jacket couldn’t have been more loud. While the intention was to channel her inner diva from the film, it certainly makes us wish she had picked a better looking and fitting jacket.

Verdict: Nay



Keerthy Suresh


Styled by Shravya Varma, it’s nice how Keerthy Suresh has started opting for more traditional wears for events post Mahanti. In this subtle yet classy saree, Keerthy looks wiser beyond her age. Her jewellery, too, complements the outfit and she keeps her hair and make-up minimal. Nothing extra, just the perfect amount. While some might find it boring, Keerthy manages to look refreshing each time.

Verdict: Yay!



Kiara Advani


For her birthday celebrations, Kiara Advani wore this shiny golden dress which looked like a tribute to 70s fashion. But that’s why the outfit is awesome, because this bandage dress looks classy and accentuates her svelte figure with ease. Plus, she has to look extra since she’s the birthday girl!

Verdict: Yay!



Katrina Kaif

For a recent fashion awards function, Katrina Kaif chose a colour that always promises to look gorgeous on her – red. And while there are no complaints, we wish she could experiment a tad bit. The dress swishes and sways and the shoes go well, but it isn’t something that we haven’t seen from her. Either way, one can’t help but notice how the dress goes so well with the earrings and hair!

Verdict: Yay!

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