Exclusive: Cricketer Veda Krishnamurthy Talks About Fighting The Stereotypes And Creating History!

Veda stood out as one of the best batswomen in the country.

Who would have ever thought that one day women will be empowering, equal and beyond brilliant in every field and that too at such a young age. In 2011, Veda Krishnamurthy made a smashing debut in a One Day International (ODI) against the England Women’s team and ever since the 24-year-old is a well-known name in the field of cricket. Creating history and setting an example, Veda was named in the B-Grade contract list by the BCCI in the year 2015. This was the first time BCCI signed up a woman player. Although they lost the finals, the women’s cricket team has won the heart of 1.2 billion Indians.


1. How did it feel when the entire country turned its head towards you while playing the finals? A lot of pressure?

Of course, I was under pressure as we lost a couple of great batswomen and hence, the upcoming ones in the line had a lot of pressure and the pressure of the World Cup as a whole. However, I was confident when I batted because I was handling the ball well, so, I was just batting to get those runs.

2. Your team has finally made the citizens realize what women could do. That’s a great achievement. How does it feel to be a part of a huge history you created as a team?

When we stepped into the World Cup, we had no expectations out of the game, in fact, we had no expectations to even reach the finals. Our initial aim was to get to the semi finals. However, playing finals on such a big occasion we were definitely upset for not winning it. When we returned to India we were treated like we have achieved something new and opened up a new door for a new cause. This new revolution is important, it is a rebirth for women’s cricket in India, we have garnered a lot of attention through this and I am definitely expecting a lot of changes in the near future.

3. What is your style of batting and how different is it from the others? 

My style of batting is aggressive. I do not take the time to settle down and bat, unlike my fellow batswomen. I feel that from the very first ball I must hit it to my fullest.

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