Every Corner Counts

Keep your corners right!

Corner spaces may seem trivial to most, but ask a decorator and they will tell you how much a well-styled wall niche can do for your interiors. Lay hold of that subtle charm for your home, with these 5 minor changes to your corners. 

The classic design approach to a corner is to add lights: tall lamps are a beautiful way to sharpen the appeal of the room. Here are more ways to add a personal touch to those angled wall edges.

  1. Shelve it: Multiple shelves of different sizes can give you an added storage space, while also quirking up the eclectic charm of the room. A series of small shelves in the corner is also a great way to go, especially when lined with artifacts or small photo frames. If kitschy is your thing, simply add more colour to the corner with flamboyant shelves in vibrant shades and shapes. Mix it up with some small plants, souvenirs, jars to round off the look.


  1. Table plus seating: Getting a fixed or a portable table will give you a cozy study in that corner. This is another great way to add some utility to a space that is otherwise left untouched. Make it a focal point in the room. A study lamp, some book shelves and a comfortable chair are enough to add spunk to a space.


  1. Swing away: Indoor swings are the latest drift in décor. They come with a stand, so you can move it in and out of the house when need be. Indoor swings are slightly bulky and will take up an entire corner. It is the simplest way to address the space with just one single piece of furniture.


  1. Wall of fame: Photo walls are the most captivating design elements in a home. They add personality to the house. Assort various events and emotions caught on camera into a mix of frames; you will have the liberty to add more at any time. The different memories hanging in different sizes are sure to make your corner spaces interesting.


  1. A reading nook: Cozy corners are the best to curl up in. Pick a comfortable sofa or make a sitting space with some floor cushions and design your own reading spot in the house. A recliner, pouf or an easy chair are all good bets for this space. Invest in a beautiful lamp that provides ample light while you read and your own little reading lounge is done.

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