Easy Decor Tips for the Newly Married!

Make home your haven!

It may have always been your dream to do up your home for you and your beloved. Gazala takes you through some simple tips that will help you do up your home post wedding.

Getting married to the one you love can be a truly blissful experience. It is a new beginning, a start to a lifelong association that is built based on love, camaraderie, passion and understanding. Your home is a haven for the two of you, a space to relax, spend time with each other and grow as individuals and as a couple. If you are getting married soon or are the new wedded love birds building your love nest, here are some tips that will help you do up your dream home more effectively.

  • It is most important to choose a theme that reflects the taste of both of you. It would be most ideal to incorporate ideas that appeal to both the partners instead of just adopting ideas that one of you likes. It can be great fun and an exercise that will help you understand each other if you take up equal responsibility in the decor of your home. Sit with your partner and plan all the ideas that he or she has always wanted in their dream home. Remember, it’s the dream home for both of you and not just one of you.
  • Discussing finances is one of the most important yet awkward parts of any relationship. However, it must be done. Discuss with your partner about the budget that you both wish to set aside for your home, the kind of ambiance you both wish for, and the kind of environment you want in your home. It could be upscale chic that often includes expensive upholstery, fine paintings, large spaces etc or minimalistic and compact spaces that are more budget friendly- the choice made should be a reflection of your aspirations and what you both can afford without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Flowers are a great addition to any home. But if you are a newlywed couple still in the dreamy phase of enjoying lots of time together, flowers make for great addition to your home. They are relaxing to look at, appeasing to the eyes and make the space look romantic and welcoming instantly.
  • Aroma therapy is yet another decor hack perfect for the newlyweds. Use potpourri, scented candles and scented oils to set the mood in your home. Not only does it make the space smell dreamy and enticing, it also makes the space appear hygienic and relaxing.
  • It is one thing to date someone and quite another to live with them. While it is extremely exciting to embark on this new journey together, there are some things that should be well segregated, and on top of that list comes your wardrobe. Have separate and dedicated space for clothes, shoes, bags etc belonging to each person that is best organised as per the individual’s preference. Messy wardrobes and the need to constantly search for something because of haphazard organisation can be a real deal breaker for many couples.
  • If you are a couple that loves to socialise, make sure to have enough furniture and space to entertain guests. If you have parents visiting often, it is best to have a spare guest room to accommodate them instead of compromising on your privacy. Apart from this, folding and stackable chairs etc make for furniture essentials in every new home.
  • If you have already travelled a lot together or spent substantial time with each other, it is likely that you have lots of memories and souvenirs. Leave lots of space on your walls and table tops for photos, knick knacks etc. You are at the threshold of a new beginning and it’s likely that you will have many more additions to your home so make sure there is enough room for these.
  • It is always a great idea to slowly decorate your home over a period of time than just stuff it with a lot of things at once. It not only costs heavily on your pocket but it is only with time and experience that you will understand what you truly need.
  • Fine cutlery is a must have for every newlywed. You don’t always have to go out for a date. Wouldn’t it be a lot more romantic if your partner cooked up a delightful meal that is served in gorgeous cutlery making the entire experience indulgent and sweet? Apart from this, you should also have something sturdy and easy to clean and maintain for day-to-day use that doesn’t come with a lot of fuss and high maintenance.
  • A cabinet that is well stocked with air freshener, tablets, medication, basic first aid and other items that you may need on a daily basis and in an emergency must be easily accessible for both partners.
  • Lastly, it is extremely important to have a safe or a safe place where you store your precious belongings and only the two of you must be aware of its details. Your safety is of paramount importance and the placement of spare keys, safe boxes, security cameras etc must be discussed and planned well to the satisfaction of both the.


These are just a few tips to get you started on decorating your dream home. It can be a fun activity for you both to embark on, to add each item to your home that means something special to the both you.

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