Dress up Divas!

LBD Alternatives!!


If you thought an LBD was the only fashion mandate to have in a closet, think again. The staples for every closet is dresses for each occasion and here, we breakdown the 3 looks they go by!

The off-shoulder floral

When it comes to floral, keeping it flirty is key after light and breezy. Sleeved florals spell formal so keep it chilled with off shoulder or cold shoulder dresses.


Swap the strappy sandals for ankle length boots for a more chic look. You can even try net stockings to give the floral a sexier look. A dark cardigan or shrug will be the best match if you like a little closure to the whole outfit.


  • A matching crunchie for the hair
  • Floral is mostly worn outdoors so if that’s where you are going, opt for tote bags or satchels if you don’t have much to carry.
  • Nix neck accessories and if jewellery is a must have, opt for a charm bracelet.


The pencil cocktail

 Suave, sexy and simply superb the pencil can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes alike.


Pair with a blazer for a more corporate look. Strap on some sandals, preferably with kitten heels or bows tie ankle.


  • A thick bangle
  • Hoops or long-drop earrings should substitute studs.
  • Jeweled clutches are a must have.
  • A long thin necklace will really compliment your neckline.

The Button-Down shirt

 The button-down shirt dress is casual and so adventurous that simply wearing it makes one feel cheerful all over again. Whether you are going on a roller coaster ride or a fun shopping day at the mall on sale days, the shirt dress is airy and so much fun you won’t want to take it off! So go ahead and work it, girlfriend!


Sneakers all the way! Opt for a good pair of Converse shoes or maybe some pop colour ballerinas if you prefer that.


  • A big waist belt goes great with this dress.
  • Best for backpacks and crossbody bags.
  • Don’t opt for jewellery with this one but instead go for a pop colour watch or bracelet.

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