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Divorce Rate In Indian Is 1%. Good News Or Bad?

Say no to judgement !

It’s 2023, women have shattered the glass ceilings in every field. Whether it is running a country or heading multi national companies, they have defied all odds and done it all. They are entrepreneurs, bankers, producers, sportswomen, technicians, you name it and they have done it all.

One aspect of their lives is still under a magnifying glass. Their relationships, family life and especially their marriages. We are still assessed on the basis of our personal life. How well our kids do, how clean our house is, how happy our husband is etc etc. Because if we are to fail in any of these departments, our professional life is not taken into consideration. Is that why we are so afraid of getting out of unhappy marriages and focus on ourselves? Is that why the statistics are so low here? If thats the case, it means most women are still stuck in discontented relationships.

While the statistics might seem like a positive for India, we need to understand why it is showing such a low percentage. What looks like a good number from the outside, may not be the reality.

The shame the society attaches with a divorced woman is unfathomable. She decided to step out of a relationship, however long and go through a process that’s very hard and inspite of all that, and inspite of that get no sympathy. We are labelled and shunned, ignored and even harassed.

Divorce is a means to an end. An unhealthy relationship or a toxic one needs to be nipped in the bud. As a society, let’s take simple steps to empathise with a broken relationship. It’s simply a choice taken by a couple to part ways and grow into healthier individuals.

Let’s normalise parting ways for positive reasons, let’s normalise single hood, let’s normalise a woman’s right to leave unhappy circumstances. By empowering our women in all aspects of her life, we give her a new lease at life itself, beyond judgements and societal pressures.

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