Did You Know: Misogyny Kills More People Than Abortion!

It’s no longer just about abortion, it’s a fight against patriarchy.

By Yagna S

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard about the wave of anti-abortion laws passed in a few states of the USA. Women are protesting against this ban and the internet has gone on a frenzy, to say the least. But the real question is, do the lawmakers really have a say in what women can and cannot do with their bodies?

It is no new news that women have been denied the most basic Rights for centuries now and just when you think that is no longer the case and women around the world are rising in fields previously considered a man’s domain, the state of Alabama strikes with an abortion ban. Although how someone feels about abortion is highly subjective, don’t you think it should be left to the person who’s carrying the child to decide? Why should a victim of an abusive relationship or rape be forced to carry a child against their own will?



The state also passed a law saying that the doctor who helps with abortion can go behind the bars for up to 99 years. We can’t help but laugh at the irony how that is decades more than the maximum sentence for those convicted of second-degree rape. If abortion isn’t legal then people will just find ways to do it illegally which will only make it dangerous, unsafe and perhaps life threatening. If the government is still particular about it then we say provide more amenities to the people, such as affordable birth control and intrauterine device.

The state of Colorado once considered banning abortion but instead started offering free birth control and all we can say that it was a startling success, with teen abortion rates dropping by 40%, the situation was handled with much more care and sensitivity.

This is no longer just about abortion and laws, it is a fight against patriarchy and people who think they can control women and their bodies. Women are entitled to healthcare and this is nothing more than that. Abortion is a human a right, a personal choice and most importantly it is not a crime.



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