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Dhoni And Jadhav Didn’t Perform? No Problem, Humiliate Their Family And Send Rape Threats To 6-Year-Olds!

How can someone stoop so low?

The Chennai Super Kings, the team upholds so much of emotions, its unbelievable. Their fans and their defence and their love for CSK is simply beautiful to watch. Win or lose, the fans and CSK have been inseparable. But I think we do not live in that world anymore. Today we live in a world where our tolerance has hit a new low, we are irresponsible, easily frustrated and the love for CSK has now turned into a dangerous obsession.

A few days back CSK played the KKR in Dubai and lost the match. It is common these days to see trolls and memes surrounding players who did not perform well. But these lighthearted memes have turned into something vile and so vicious its scary. When the world Statistics stated India as the second most unsafest country for women, many rebelled but what is there to rebel when it’s true? The so-called “fans” of the team stooped so low that they decided to send across rape threats to the wives and daughters (little baby girls aged 5 and 6) of Kedar Jadhav and MS Dhoni right there on social media with absolutely no fear whatsoever.

They had the audacity to threaten to rape a little baby who has barely seen the world and they are roaming free because they know that they will not face any serious punishment. Here’s what came on:

In fact, Ziva and Meeraya received rape threats on their own social media pages handled by now absolutely anguished mothers. The pain these mothers must be going through after reading these comments is simply unfathomable. Going through the social media accounts of these men, they are very young, probably the future of this country (seems rather bright). If these men were as serious about crimes against their fellow citizens as much as they were about this game, this world would have been a better place to live in.

Most on social media condemned this act of sheer violence and hateful social media abuse and crime:


How tragic is this that a 6-year-old girl has to go through this. But she will enjoy her life and live it to her fullest despite these faceless trolls and their useless threats. Ziva and Meeraya, you young girls don’t let cowards dull your sparkle. Stay strong and stay braver!

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