Date Dressing Formula!

What should you wear this Valentines Day?

Valentines month officially gives us the license to bring out all the mushiness we’ve kept hidden for the most part. Of course, there’s no special day for love, but in these times of erratic work schedules and ambitious careers, dates come to the rescue.

How do you make a date special? Some candles, kisses, lots of love and sweet nothings! No, there’s more; dress to impress the love of your life and make an effort to look special. After all, why not get a makeover once in a while? Keep the change constant and quit being predictable. Here are some tips to dress up for different dates. Try them to add the sparkle in the air!

Brunch Bible

  • Remember the phrase, ‘give a woman a red lipstick and she can conquer the world’? A woman who can carry off a red lipstick during the day is a Queen.

  • If you’re choosing to wear red lipstick for a brunch, make sure you let the rest of the face chill


    minimal makeup.

  • Go for pastel


    for your brunch number and add a floral tiara to make it princess like.

  • Keep the footwear department free and go for peep-toes or flat sneakers.

Movie Magic

  • How romantic is it to see your


    stars romance on the big screen and your loved one quietly holding your hand? To some couples, the only date they can afford, (in terms of secretive ones) is a movie.

  • If that’s the only way you can spend some time together, then make sure you keep it as comfortable, casual yet chic.

  • Go in for glossy lips and mascara-painted eyelashes which help in making sure your eyes stand out even in a dim-lit room.

  • Don’t go overboard with your clothes; date gowns and shiny tops aren’t meant for movies.

  • Grab those tees and pair with a pleated skirt or your


    pair of denim.

Long Drives

  • With some fresh air touching your face and gentle winds ruffling up your hair, a long drive can be hopelessly romantic.

  • Keep the hair open and enjoy the freedom while you listen to some romantic music with your love behind the wheels.

  • Grab those no-nonsense shorts, floral minidress or comfortable palazzos for the long drive.

  • Try some pink lips and some casual footwear as you spend some quality time with your partner.

  • Don’t forget to carry a bigger bag which houses your must-have items for your romantic getaway date!

Party Hoppers!

  • Couples love a crazy night out–it gives them a chance to get steamy on the dance floor. For a fun-filled party at a lounge keep it classy and add some shine.

  • Leave your floral summer dress behind and go for a sexy LBD and add some sparkling accessories.

  • Wear comfy footwear – pick


    that are least difficult on your feet. Your walk in those heels makes it all worth it.

  • Add drama to your face with good old smoky eyes and glossy lips.

Beach and Bae

  • A nice dip in the sea and some reading by the beach makes the day worth the while.

  • For a beach date, slip into some really hot beachwear and you’re all set to make him drool.

  • Add some bohemian


    to your bikini or wear a classy hat.

  • Go make up free and dip into the sea!




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