#CurbingCOVID: All That You Can And Cannot Do In Tamil Nadu From Today!

Here’s all you need to know!

Every State Government is coming up with its own rules, regulations and restrictions to curb the deadly COVID virus that is spreading at an alarming rate in India. While statistics and analytics predict that we have worse days coming ahead of us before they again begin to fall flat, stringent fines and Law is being created against those failing to wear a mask or maintain a social distance. Maharashtra having the highest number of cases in the country, has imposed section 144 on its citizen, the lesser severe states have come up with their own ways to reduce the damage being done.

The latest being TN, the State Government has now decided to close all forms of public meeting anf gathering amongst other rules imposed. Beginning from today, here’s what you can and cannot do if you’re residing in TN.


What’s allowed:


– Provisional shops with 50% customers.

– Vegetable shops with 50% customers

– Restaurants with takeaway facilities only.

– Tea shops with takeaway facilities only.

– Weddings with 50 members max.

– Funerals with 25 members max.

– Cabs can take upto 3 pssengers excluding the driver.

– Autos can take upto 2 passengers excluding the driver.

– E-commerce services.

– Private and Government bus services with only sitting passengers.

– Other shops following the protocol.


What’s not allowed?


– cinema theatres

– Gyms

– Public gatherings at religious places

– Beauty parlours.

– Salons

– Recreation and meeting halls

– Bars

– Malls and shopping complexes

– Provisional and vegetable stores at shopping complexes.

– Sports training academies.

Apart from this, TN will continue to follow its night curfew timings from 10PM up until 4AM and will have 144 continuing on Sunday’s.


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