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Classic Teatime Snacks Loved By Every Tamilian!

Celebrate your 4 pm the Tamil way!

It only takes a few bites of one’s childhood treats to cure homesickness, because these treats link beyond taste buds: they stir sentiments. Presenting the evergreen delights we all keep going back to!



These are Tamil Nadu’s beloved bite-sized wonders, a chewy and sticky affair that awakens the child in you.


1 cup coconut (grated)

1 cup jaggery

2 tbsp rice flour (for coating)


Dry-roast the coconut.

Heat pan, melt jaggery with 1 table spoon of water.

Stir well continuously till ‘one-string’ consistency is reached.

Then add the roasted coconut and mix well. Stir for 2 minutes.

Turn off heat.

Pour one table spoon of mixture on rice-flour-coated plate and let it cool.

Once it has set hard enough, roll them into small balls.

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