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Filter Coffee


Filter coffee is the pride of the state, known also by its name variations like filter, kaapi, or degree coffee. Perfecting this beverage is an art that comes with extensive practice. Begin yours today!

For the Decoction

3 heaped tsp – coffee powder

1 cup – water

For Coffee

¼ cup decoction

1 cup – milk

1 tsp sugar


Allow water to boil.

Add 3 tsps of filter coffee powder to the filter container.

Add the boiled water.

Fit the top chamber of the filter.

The decoction drops and gets collected in the lower part of the filter.

After adding water, close and keep it undisturbed for 10 minutes until all the decoction drops down.

Add sugar to the serving tumbler. Then add decoction, maybe 2- 3 teaspoons (depends on how strong you like your coffee).

Boil milk.

Then strain milk in the same tumbler.

Pour from the tawara to the tumbler once or twice until frothy. Serve hot.

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