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Chinmayi Faces #MeToo Backlash; Removed From Dubbing Union

’96’ will be her last film in Tamil, she announces.

In what is being regarded as a shocking overturn of events, singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada has been removed from the dubbing union, run by Radha Ravi. In a series of tweets, Chinmayi announced how she knew her career would get jeopardised soon after she rallied for the #MeToo movement where she spoke about facing sexual misconduct from noted lyricist Vairamuthu and shared other peoples’ stories on the same.

“Sooo given to understand that I have been terminated from the dubbing union. Which means I can longer dub in Tamil films henceforth. The reason stated is that I haven’t paid ‘subscription fees’ for 2 years though this hasn’t stopped them from taking 10% off my dubbing income,” she wrote.

Currently in the US for a concert, Chinmayi has said that she has not received any letter regarding her termination. “I expected the first axe to go down from the dubbing union. I don’t know yet if I’ll be given my membership back. Just a decision that’s been taken without informing me that my membership is terminated. I am still on the much-publicised concert tour in the US.”

Amidst all this, she has been continuously asked why she spoke about her abuse years later. Needless to say, between all the support from most, trolls continue to unleash their worst on her.

“Thanks for all the support. Or the lack of it. Thanks for showing an example of how women’s voices are (not) respected and (not) heard. Thanks for proving predators will continue to thrive and hold positions of power,” she wrote.

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