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A home speaks volumes about the aesthetic sense of the person who has done it up. From the colours to the furniture, paintings and furnishings, everything is carefully curated and then implemented by the homeowner. Like clothes, trends in home décor also evolve and go through change. Hre are the top three trends that are currently ruling the interior design space and how one can inculcate the same trends in our homes.



Vintage with a Modern Touch

A trend that is here to stay is an eclectic mix of vintage elements and a touch of modernity.The trick is to have statement vintage pieces that create a connection between the new and the old. Your dining room is contemporary and modern and you wish to add a vintage-y element to it? You can bring old world charm by adding a centerpiece or a statement piece in a corner that spells vintage.Pieces of art, rugs, traditional wall hangings etc can be perfectly used to implement this contrast at your homes.

“Art Deco pieces of furniture and other traditional elements are being used as accents. This gives the home a renewed modern outlook, thus bringing elegance and style to the interior spaces,” says Varuna.


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Mixed Palette of Structural Elements

“The second trend would be the usage of a mixed palette of natural materials and textures like stones, distressed bricks and exposed concrete surfaces for the ceiling and walls,” says Varuna. These will give your home a trendy and earthy feel and since the colours are neutral, you can still play around with theother elements in the room.

Also structural elements being exposed is a great way of expressing the surface in its purest form. A brick wall with picture frames, a concrete wall behind your bed accented with a spotlight or a stonewall with shelves in built are simple ways to have this trend gracing your house.



Bring Nature inside homes

Indoor plants are easy and convenient for apartments and flats. If you have an independent home, then try bringing in natural light through the ceiling. You can also add that natural element with nature-inspired wallpapers and wall art. Also, you could use B&W photography or large prints of green plants, leaves, and themes of nature on walls, which add a contrasting visual dimension.

To Remember:

  • While doing up one’s home, the aim should be to minimize clutter and keep props and accessories to bare essentials.
  • One must select furniture with simple and single wood tones and use white and light pastel shades for walls and window dressing.
  • Color can be brought in through the artwork and fabric which can brighten up the spaces and make them lively.
  • Leaving the concrete or brick surfaces and structural elements exposed is a great way of expressing the surface in its purest form


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