Chennai: Women Travelling Alone At Night Can Get A Police Patrol Vehicle To Drop Them To Their Destination

A great initiative!

Tamil Nadu Police launched a new scheme where women who are travelling between 10 pm and 6 am can get a police patrol vehicle to drop them at their destination. This new helpline is going to ensure the safety of the women of the city.

Between the late hours of the night and early hours of the day, one can now rely on the police to ensure safe drops to their homes or Pgs. The initiative came to show how women’s safety is a serious issue in our country. The ‘Free Drop’ will give them a sense of security at no cost.

Dial 1019, 112, 044-2435 2365 or 044-2844 7701 to speak to the police patrols and ask them for conveyance. You will need to provide them with your location for them to pick you up and drop you safely to your destination.

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