Chennai: Husband Murders Wife Suspecting An Affair; Body Parts Identified From A Dumpyard!

What a tragedy!

Photo credits: The News Minute

The Chennai Police found parts of a human body in the Pallikaranai dump yard two weeks before but were unable to identify the deceased. It was today identified as the body of Sandhya, a 35-year-old mother of two children. An investigation office told The News Minute that Sandhya was allegedly murdered by her husband.

Sandhya and her husband Balakrishnan were married for 17 years. The latter suspected his wife to have had an extra-marital affair and in a spurt of anger murdered her. On January 21st, the Police found a limp in the dump yard and were left with one clue – a Shiva Parvathi tattoo on the right limb. While all the departments throughout the State were finding for an identity regarding the same, Sandhya’s mother had filed a complaint in the Thoothukoodi Police Station.

The investigation officer further added, “Sandhya was murdered on January 19. She and her husband were both staying in Chennai. He suspected her fidelity and murdered her. He admitted it when we questioned him.”

But that wasn’t how the team arrived at the conclusion. They got hold of the CCTV footage that connected the dots of the case and also found gunny bags in Balakrishnan’s residence situated at Jafferkhanpet.

Post mortem reports from the Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital confirmed that the limbs belonged to a woman and that they were chopped off with a machete after Sandhya was already murdered.

The investigation team are currently questioning Balakrishnan in an unknown location to further get hold of the other body parts of the deceased Sandhya.

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