CHENNAI: Anger Sparks On Social Media As Woman Tragically Dies After A Flex Banner Falls On Her!

This is such a tragic loss of life!

Despite numerous protests against the erection of banners and flex boards in public areas, political parties still somehow have been getting away with hoardings. In a tragic incident, 24-year-old Subashree lost her life to one of these hoardings illegally placed in the middle of the road. The AIADMK Party was bashed on social media and the netizens demanded for severe punishment.

However, another group of social media enthusiasts is debating over whether Subhashree wore the helmet or not. But, the Police have confirmed that Subhashree was indeed wearing a helmet. “Subhashree was wearing a helmet while she met with the accident. She was treated by the doctors for over an hour. Since she was unresponsive to treatment, she succumbed to her injuries,” informed the Inspector of the St. Thomas Mount station.


The High Court has time and again emphasized on the rule that flexes or hoardings of no living person must be put up. However, Tamil Nadu’s leading Party AIADMK has been continuous defaulters. In November 2017, K Ragupathi, a software engineer from the US who had returned home to Coimbatore to meet a prospective bride, was killed after he rammed into an illegal wooden arch erected for MGR Centenary celebrations.

Subhashree, a 24-year-old IT professional was riding her two-wheeler when the AIADMK Party’s heavy flex board fell on her. She fell down losing balance and was run over by a water tanker.

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