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British Airways Face Racism Charges After Offloading Indian Family For Their Crying Child!

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An Indian family comprising of a mother, father, and a 3-year-old child, along with a few other Indians sitting with them, were allegedly offloaded from a British Airways flight because the child couldn’t stop crying. The family was on a London-Berlin flight (BA 8495) on July 23. It is believed that the family was that of a 1984 batch officer of Indian Engineering Services currently posted in the road transport ministry.

According to The Times of India, the child was comforted by the mother but intimidated by the cabin crew. Soon after the flight took off, the child couldn’t stop crying, and the aircraft was taken back to the terminal where the family was offloaded.

The family wrote a letter to the aviation minister Suresh Prabhu, narrating their ordeal and imploring him to take action.

After the security announcement, the family alleges that the child found the seating uncomfortable and hence started crying. A cabin crew went up to them and rudely started shouting at their child. When the child couldn’t stop crying, the cabin crew came again and shouted, “you bloody keep quiet otherwise you will be thrown out of the window” which left the child more petrified. It is alleged that the crew also hurled racist abuses at them.

So far, a spokesperson from British Airways has said that they take these issues very seriously and will look into a full investigation on the matter.

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