BREAKING NEWS: Actor And Comedian, The Legendary Vivek Passes Away!

Rest in peace sir!

Breaking hearts of millions of his fans and followers, actor and comedian Vivek has passed away at the age of 59. In a turn of shocking events, actor and comedian Vivek has been admitted at a hospital in Vadapalani as a result of heart attack. The actor was recently shooting in Chennai for a film when he fainted on-sets. The actor then complained of chest pain once he was helped by his crew members. He was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. The actor was in the ICU as his condition was critical, the hospital PRO stated.

This morming at 4:35 AM he lost his life battling. Vivek was admitted to SIMS Hospital in Vadapalani where he underwent an angioplasty and stenting procedure on Friday for a complete block in a critical blood vessel of the heart. He was put on an ECMO support in the intensive care unit. “He passed away at 4.35am,” a medical bulletin from the hospital said.

Actor Vivek debuted in the film Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal as a comedian and there was no looking back for him ever since. His sharp, witty tongue combined with light-hearted human is what had made his sense of comedy unique from others.

His roles in films like Run, Anniyan, Sivaji, Maappillai, Padikaadhavan, Dhool, M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi among several other brilliant films were most enjoyable.

Apart from there, Vivek had always been a social activist where he constantly fought for the goodness of the environment and created awareness among his fans regarding the same. This happened after he met with the then President of India APJ Abdul Kalam when he propagated the importance of growing trees. He planted thousands of trees in his campaign to Go Green.

Vivek has left behind his two daughters and wife. His son passed away due to dengue only recently.

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