BREAKING: 16-Year-Old Girl Beats Her Father To Death For Abusing Her Mother!

In a shocking twist of events that unfolded a 16-year-old teenager allegedly beat her father to death for physically abusing her mother on daily bases.

the incident took place in Bhopal. The father was an alcoholic who used to her drunk everyday only to come home and abuse his wife, physically torment her. The neighbours used to mock at the family’s daily feud. One day when the father returned home intoxicated and started hitting his wife the raged teenager lost her cool and hit her father with a bat that was used to wash clothes. She then hit him repeatedly until he died on spot.

“During interrogation on Thursday, the girl said her father used to work as a labourer. He was a habitual drinker and used to beat her mother in an intoxicated state almost daily. The girl said neighbours used to mock them about the family feud. She was upset over the physical torture her mother was subjected to by her father as she told us. On Wednesday evening, the man returned to the house and started abusing his wife. The girl couldn’t control her anger and attacked him with an iron rod. He fell down. The girl then picked up a stick and continued to hit her father on his head. The man died on the spot. Later, neighbours informed the police but the girl herself surrendered before the police,” an investigating official reportedly informed a news agency.

The 16-year-old girl was produced before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), where she will go through counselling before being sent to a juvenile shelter.

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