Boys Locker Room Controversy Timeline!

Not all is dismissed!

On further investigation of the BoisLockerRoom case, (A group of teenagers from Delhi was caught with a group chat in which they degraded women in every way possible. ) a mix up of screenshots came into revelation. The Snapchat screenshot that discussed rape was not a part of the boislockerroom group. It has come to light that it was a girl who created a fake ID in Snapchat posed as ‘Siddharth’ and sent texts suggesting her own sexual assault to check the character of her male friend.

The boy, however, refused to participate in the conversation and took a screenshot and sent it to a few of his friends and the girl to warn her about the planned assault. The girl did not report it to anyone, but another person he sent the screenshot to post it on their Instagram story, from where it got circulated to others and was exposed along with the ‘boislockerroom’ screenshots.

According to police, the two minors were approached after the screenshots came to light. A police officer said that the girl “confessed to the police that she sent the Snapchat texts to test her male friend”.  Although, creating a fake ID is wrong but her intent was not malicious, the police did not file any complaint on the same.

A group of teenagers from Delhi was caught with a group chat in which they degraded women in every way possible. The group of young schoolboys who are said to be from top schools in Delhi and are between the ages of 17 – 18 were found part of a social media group called “Bois Locker Room”. The group circulated images of and conversations revolved around demeaning them, slut-shaming them, and passed sexually explicit comments.

The crime came into light when a fellow schoolmate who was added to the group decided to take screenshots of the chats and send it to the girls involved. The girls then went public on social media about the issue. The controversy flared up after several social media users posted screenshots on Instagram and Twitter with the new trending hashtag #BoysLockerRoom. A Case was filed by the Delhi Police, and the cyber-crime division has reached out to Instagram for more details on the group.

As the probe began, on May 6, the Delhi police made their first arrest in connection to the case. A Class 12 student, who was the admin of this chat group on Instagram, was arrested. The police also identified 21 members of this group but the admin said that he did not know all of them personally.

Coming to the current update on the original case of the Bois Locker Room on Instagram, it is still being probed and investigated by the police. The mobile phones of the students have been sent for forensic scanning.

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