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Bigg Boss: Thank You, Raiza!

Thank you for making sense!


However, I knew that you weren’t that sort of an individual deep within. I really wished you turned on your brain when you said stuff like you wanted to slap Oviya – that wasn’t the right thing to say even if you were frustrated with her. After the boyfriend episode, I literally lost it there – I never wanted to watch you onscreen ever again.

However, the way I look at you changed ever since you spoke to Kamal on Saturday. You felt guilty for not standing up for Oviya, for being a part of whatever she went through and most of all, not staying true to your own self – it was love at first sight for me, Raiza. Not because I am an Oviya fan or anything else, but because you carry a very rare trait – a trait of accepting mistakes wholeheartedly and becoming a better person. I love you for deciding to be opinionated, talk what you feel is right and fight bullying.

So, thank you, Raiza, for bringing back the little belief I had in you, for standing up for yourself, for telling Aarav that Oviya was not wrong but she was in a situation where her mind wasn’t in her control, for deciding to not feed Gayathri’s extremism, immaturity and ego and most of all, rising above all of it.

We need to see more of you, your reasons, your fight and your stature. Do not bother about the negativity surrounding you, it’s not worth it. Do not be intimidated by bullying, you know the people will support you if you struggle to fight against bullying. I’m glad to see you working hard towards making yourself better.

Thank you, Raiza for teaching every one of us that we all have to keep working hard and improve ourselves. I’m sure you are going to gain a lot of support for your honesty and opinions. Stay beautiful inside and out forever.

Yours lovingly,

Just nothing more than an audience.

P.S. Gayathri and Sakthi, there is no way in the world you are ever going to become good.

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