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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Who Will Stay And Who Will Leave This Week!?

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The second season of Bigg Boss has a mixed bunch and while it has just started, there are already groups and friendships that have formed. The collective opinion from Day 1 showed that Janani Iyer is quite a favourite among most of the contestants. Considering she’s perhaps the most popular of the celebrities participating, many on social media support her.

Becoming the captain, the first ever, she claims to show leadership skills but there’s something that appears almost farcical from her side. However, it doesn’t matter because she’s got fans and it’s all good.

On the other hand, people have already started finding faults in each other. Many believe that Mumtaz is dominating and full of herself. She has been nominated by the houseguests for eliminations already so there are chances she might leave. But there’s still something likeable about her. She might just storm through this, with some support from the audience.

Ananth Vaidyanathan is also nominated this week and it’s no surprise. He’s usually reserved, quiet, and there’s a slightly snooty attitude coming from him. While he has interacted with most of the contestants, he chooses to keep to himself. There’s nothing wrong with that, but clearly, it makes him appear rather uninteresting.

Riythvika is nominated, too, and again, much like Ananth, she too doesn’t interact much. Not many appear too fond of her and she doesn’t partake in the discussions and activities much. That uninterested, bored look she perpetually sports is fine but it isn’t something that appears to work in her favour.

And finally, Nithya, the estranged wife of Balajhie has been nominated. She seems nice and cordial, interacting with everybody, but people tend to nitpick and they’ve done the same as she appears to try hard to fit in. Some even think she doesn’t do a lot of work. But she just might stay, so who knows?

The elimination will take place on Sunday at 9PM. Predictions for who’ll leave the house has already started, which means one thing – prepare for a barrage of social media posts on the show for the next few months!

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