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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Contestants Discuss Gender Bias, Gossip, And Peoples’ Past!

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Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 was something full of gossip mongering and listening to what people have to say about gender bias. While it was clear that women have sacrificed a lot and have been subjected to a lot of difference in behaviour, the men posed arguments that often showed how privilege they are.

For instance, the women spoke of how they have been told to not work after marriage and simply be restricted to the identity created for them – such as being mothers to their children and sticking to domestic chores. The men’s argument was that this makes the children more wholesome and nourished, while the women argued that they are more than just being mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. A much-needed argument indeed as it showcased who harbours severely sexist views and who doesn’t.

Amidst this, Nithya and Balajie’s issues intensify and it’s started getting ugly. He doesn’t seem to let go of her, constantly finding ways to demean her. It’s gotten to a point where even viewers have noticed his behaviour towards her and the anguish she displays. Are the other contestants by her side? Not really, but this lone woman soldiers on despite the mental torments and taunts posed by her former husband. Forget having a reconciliation, it’s clear that Nithya is the bigger person here enduring his verbal abuse again and again.

And while their issues have cropped up, the house mates have decided to nip any sort of negativity in the bud starting with Vaishnavi. It’s become evident that she has been gossip mongering and indulging in it a bit more than usual, often presenting the stories but twisting it so as to add some conflicts. People have noticed it and Janani has also spoken to her about it, with the focus being on Vaishnavi briefly. Hopefully now, it gets a lot better between everybody else.

This weekend will also have an elimination and while it’s clear who the favourites are, one can never be too sure who will stay and who will leave.

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