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Bigg Boss: Dear Male Contestants, Stop Calling Gayathri A Kid!

She is not a child!

Women these days are achieving a lot in various fields and the sky is the limit for these achievers. While we are thriving hard to prove our mettle in this world, the last thing a woman wants to be called is “being childish” or “being kiddish”. Various movies, be it Bollywood or regional, portray their heroines as very dumb and childish because that’s how the hero loves her as he finds her innocent. So, I’m sure women in real life do everything in their consciousness and sense.

Innocent and child-like are two different character traits, by the way! An innocent is someone who feels guilty for something they never did or those that feel certain things are wrong and stay away from it. Child-like is someone who knows nothing and has a heart of a child. Well, clearly neither of these suit our contestant.


While every woman is trying to break that stereotype, Bigg Boss’ contestants have to prove time and again that they are absolutely immature to describe a woman who is egoistic and narcissistic as “child-like”.  She is immature and takes offense to every single line and action a person opposite to her does.

If Gayathri was really child-like as she was mentioned by Ganesh, Sakthi, and Aarav on various episodes, how did she have the cleverness and cunningness to isolate a person just because she knows they garner people’s vote?

Dear male contestants,

As mentioned above, no one is naive or innocent and that isn’t wrong. Especially, Gayathri out of all women is not even close to innocent. She knows very well what is right and what is wrong, she has the audacity to ill treat all her fellow contestants. They either bow down their head to her or get isolated listening to her tantrums. I’m not sure how a child’s character is associated with someone so rude.


Also, this is not the first time I’m hearing the world child-like to describe Gayathri. I remember Ganesh and Aarav use similar phrases to describe her short temper and unparliamentary words. She is so narcissistic that she cannot take any constructive criticism in her life. She has to oppose anyone who tries to advise. Feed her ego, you’ll be showered with love. If not, you are sure to get out of the house with some sort of a mental illness and would require medical help.

What sort of a child-like person would do this is beyond my understanding but the fact that she is being treated like a boss is disgusting. The thought of ganging up against someone has never left her mind. Here next target seems to be Raiza now.


Kamal earlier mentioned that no matter what background one comes from, inside the house everybody is the same. However, during any tasks that include breaking eggs on someone’s head or applying some sort of paste on someone’s face, Gayathri or Sakthi have never been chosen for this because they are “elders” and “biggies” in the industry! Seriously?

Someone who says things like “Vesham”, “Moonjiyum Mogarakattayum” or “Velila Varatum kai Kaal odaikaren” doesn’t resemble a child or has a good heart in any manner. She couldn’t agree with Kamal trying to criticize her for using abusive words. Hence, she decided to go against it and create an issue.


She is so short-tempered and she has not improved a bit from day one. From Raiza to Vaiyapuri, we as the audience see a lot of changes in their behavior. However, Gayathri and Sakthi have shown no difference. As Raiza, rightfully pointed out, Aarav is sucking up to her bossiness and has proven to the audience about his crucial part in Oviya’s health and departure.

So, here’s a request – never call anyone child-like unless they have a good heart. Clearly, as we all know, our Boss contestant doesn’t have one. Her leadership skills are weak, she takes offense to little things, she feels she has a huge name in the industry and cannot be approached as a friend because she is above all and superior.

It’s high-time she is kicked out of the game for literally spoiling the peace of almost every contestant.

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