Beauty & Care during Pregnancy!

Retain that glow!

Ample and Alluring

While pregnancy is a beautiful phase bestowed upon women, the stress that comes with it can take its toll on her body. Reclaim that glow with these pointers:

Carrying a life within you is no walk in the park. Your body hosts a cocktail of hormones, inducing a range of emotions and physiological rigours in a matter of three trimesters. Putting your physical frame through all that is bound to show up in signs of exhaustion and other beauty challenges. Still, with a smart enough regime targeting pregnancy-specific beauty woes, you can stay gorgeous through the journey.

Keep the skin blooming

The good old healthy diet of fruits and veggies goes a long way in ensuring supple skin while pregnant; it also enhances the pregnancy radiance.

Make Vitamins A, C, and E a big part of your food by including fish, carrots, milk, eggs, greens and almonds in your menu. Known for its skin-nourishment qualities, the vitamin can firm your skin and keep it youthful. However, steer clear of high doses of the Vitamin A supplement, as some are known to cause birth defects such as malformations of the head, heart, brain and spinal cord. Remember to keep yourself hydrated all day with plenty of water as well.

Avoid harsh soaps, as they can remove the natural oil of your skin. Instead, switch to a moisturising body wash or facial cleanser for your pregnancy beauty routine. Add a moisturizer and sunscreen (of at least SPF 15) to your daily skin rituals. Always look for oil-free lotions.

Block chances of stretch marks

Every mark on that tummy has a brave tale to tell, but the vivid stripes can make you feel conscious and inhibited. Though there is not much you can do to prevent stretch marks from forming during your pregnancy, maintaining appropriate weight gain along with proper exercise under the supervision of experts could reduce the intensity of the marks. Don’t bother yourself too much with lotions and oils that claim to save you from stretch marks; these have actually been proven ineffective. After all, how can one defy nature?

Beauty rules during the gestation period

Tress care

If you color your hair on a regular basis, schedule your hair coloring appointment in the second or third trimester to reduce possibilities of exposure when the baby’s vital organs are developing. Consider highlights over colouring, because unlike a single-process colour, dyes are not applied to the scalp, thereby minimizing the likelihood of chemicals entering your system.

Nail Care

Finger and toenail hygiene is particularly important during pregnancy because nails grow faster and change in texture. Use this rare excuse to get regular manicures and pedicures with your girlfriends! Polish can contain a trace of chemicals; however, they are not absorbed through the skin around your nails and have not been linked to pregnancy complications. Also, the massage given during the process can be relaxing and improve blood circulation.

Do’s and don’ts at the salon

Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, so give the chemical peels and dermal treatments a miss. Also be mindful of your posture at the parlour – you will need to be propped up in your chair while getting a facial during the third trimester. Lying flat on your back can affect your circulation, balance and can get uncomfortable.

Schedule your regular waxing appointments, especially at the bikini line, in the first and second trimesters. If you have not had a bikini wax before, wait until after labour. The pain of the treatment may prompt contractions; be aware that you may experience more skin irritation post-wax during pregnancy.

Be cosmetically wary

Some light makeup can leave you looking fresh and can even be a mood-lifter. Use a concealer to hide bags under the eyes. Foundation can come to your rescue when hormonal changes give rise to spots and pigmentation. Opt for paraben-free products and choose brands that quote low chemical quotients. Most importantly, remove makeup completely at the end of the day.

Deep breaths!

Rest and relax whenever possible. Pregnant women need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Plenty of peaceful downtimes will keep you energised through the day and will help prevent dark circles at bay.

Assign reminders to include breaks in your schedules. Lie down once in a while, especially between chores. However, make sure you balance it out with simple workouts like brisk walking, which can strengthen the pelvic floor and can greatly ease labour stress.

Go on then, rock your confidence during this pregnancy!

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