10 makeup blunders to avoid

You spend a good couple of hours getting ready for a romantic night out and turn to the mirror for a last minute preening.

But horror of horrors! Who is that pancaked, heavy lidded, droopy lipped girl staring back at you and making a mockery of your efforts? Presenting, a quick checklist of common makeup slip-ups to avoid and some expert advice on how to look picture perfect!


Blunder 1: Mismatched Foundation

Indian skin has a yellow tinge in it, so while picking the foundation, it is important to pick according to your skin tone. Trying to look fairer with mismatched foundation can lead to disastrous results. So make sure you match it exactly with your skin tone. Pick a light water based soufflé or foundation that is perfect for your skin type and apply it after moisturizing with a makeup sponge for that flawless look.

Blunder 2: Mascara laden Eyelashes

At times in an attempt to make defined lashes, you tend to overdo the mascara resulting in clogged distractions. The best way to apply it is by removing the excess from the stick gently with a tissue and then stroking your lashes with it. If you have thin eyelashes, steer clear of thickening products, as they will only weigh down your lashes.

Blunder 3: Obvious Lip Liner

Most of us tend to highlight and outline our lips making them appear too obvious. Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick or which is as closely shaded as your natural lip colour. When applying the lip liner, apply strokes gently inwards and concentrate on filling in the colour and shading and shaping your lips, not just tracing around them.

Blunder 4: Streaky Blush

At times your cheeks tend to look a little too scarlet. To avoid the blushing babe look, use a good base with a well moisturized and light foundation. Opt for sheer blushes to give you best results. Use circular motions to blend it well. Angle your brush to give you a high-cheekbone-effect.

Blunder 5: Overdose of Eye Shadow

If you are a little generous with your eye shadow application, the eyelid color turns out to be darker than expected or even weird. To avoid this, use a dab of moisturizer to dilute the color. Then apply a neutral eye shadow on it. For nude makeup, you can highlight your brow bone areas and apply a hint of color on your eyelids.

Blunder 6: Messy Lip Gloss

To visually enhance your lips, make them shimmer rather than outlining them outside their natural edge. Use a colour-less lip pencil or maybe a rose shade to work upon and apply the lipstick within the lip liner. Use a lip colour with matte finish on bold lips and a glossy finish on thin lips.

Blunder 7: Smudged Eyeliner

Lining your eyes can give them a great shape and add definition but it is always best to avoid heavy bottom liner as bold under-eyes can tend to make them look smaller. Make sure you keep the eyeliner thin and natural. This will beautify your eyes in the right places. If the eyeliner does get smudged accidentally, then blend it with a smudge brush.

Blunder 8: Over-plucked Brows

Over-plucked brows can make your face look out of shape and draw attention to it (and not in a good way). It is very important to properly shape eyebrows as they help give the face a sharp and edgy look. Thread them according to the contours of your face and only remove the excess, to maintain the brow shape.

Blunder 9: Flaky Lipstick

Applying lipstick seems easy enough, just open, roll, smear, but painting the lips perfectly is an art in which many of us stumble and end up getting an uneven coat which looks very tacky. To avoid that flaky lipstick look, just dab your favourite flavour of lip balm before you apply the lipstick. To keep your lips moist and soft, you should use a lip balm every night before going to bed.

Blunder 10: Obvious Concealer

Concealers are applied before putting a foundation. While applying it, look into the mirror and blend it evenly with a brush or sponge over the problem areas. This will help you remove the excess product and spreading it uniformly will help you prevent the obviousness of the concealer.

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