#AvalKoppam: Why This Movement By The Malayalam Film Industry Is Crucial!

The need of the hour!

Sexual assault is a case of concern worldwide and very rarely do the victims come forward to open up about their horrific experiences. One such brave woman was a Malayalam actress who was sexually assaulted by her own driver in a moving vehicle. She was videotaped and threatened by the driver who was later arrested. Eventually, it was confirmed that Malayalam actor Dileep was a prime suspect in the scenario. In fact, a proof of his differences with the actress was also provided with.

Dileep was then arrested by the Police for further investigation. Simultaneously, the WCC was formed last year by women from the Malayalam film industry after the shocking incident took place.

However, the actor came out on bail and in fact, Dileep, who’s Association Of Malayalam Movie Artistes’ (AMMA) place was revoked after being arrested, was reinstated after getting out on bail. Protests outside actor Mohanlal’s home were ongoing and the WCC conducted several press conferences and social media protests to stand against the actors who supported the actor.

In the ongoing cases, two actors from the film industry, Bhamaa, and Siddique were called in by the Kochi Special Court as prosecution witnesses. The actors’ initial statements to the Police were that the victim and Dileep had a heated argument during a rehearsal of a stage show organized by AMMA. However, in a shocking turn of events, Bhamaa and Siddique changed their statements and denied their earlier statements to the Police. Eventually, the prosecution declared the actors as witnesses turned hostile.

A brave survivor of sexual assault was courageous enough to file a Police complaint but the way this case is turning around could not be tolerated anymore.

As the news reached social media, the hashtag #AvalKoppam (with her) began trending. Several members of the Malayalam film industry reciprocated to the cases.


Translated, “By taking a favorable stand towards the cruelty that happened, these people are also morally favoring or leaning towards the crimes. Even after this, supporters of the accused who are hidden right now will go crawling back. They think that the legal system and the public can always be fooled. But whatever be the verdict of this case, I will stand with the survivor until the doors of the highest courts are closed. #Ionlystandwithher.”


To have a woman who has struggled to come out of the closet and has bravely filed a complaint against the gang has been let down by an entire community. As a part of that community, the least we could have done is be her pillar of support and stay strong. But to be let down after putting up two years of a fight only goes to show how this society could do anything to safeguard chauvinism, egoistic masculinity, and sexual predators.

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