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Are Girls scared of Marriage? Here’s Why!

You are to blame!Yes you!

Millennials are saying no to marriage. Compared to the previous generations girls are marrying much later in their lifetime. Marriage and commitment have become a word of fear, a threat to many out there.While you ponder on that, let us break down to you why we think girls are scared of marriage?

In a tradition where Indian girls get married in the early 20s is now pushed to the early 30s, the reason being is the fear that the previous generation has given by painting a horrified picture of marriage to the girls.
The increased number of matrimonial sites have also added more pressure to the young girls. Everything in a girl’s lifetime is related to the marriage, from her appearances to habits that are linked to marriage. Do millennials need a marriage counseling or is it just societal pressure which they are struggling to handle when it comes to marriages and wedding.

When a girl happily sleeps till 10 am on a weekend she is told: “Sleep, sleep! you can only do this till you get married.” When a girl comes home late at night after a fun outing with friends, she is told ‘have fun while you can. You can’t do all this after you get married.’ Then there is the usual “do you know how to cook?” Learn before you get married.
If you laugh too loud, eat, work, sleep or go out, it can be done only till you get married. Why? Just why?
Calm down people, marriage is not a bad climax to your life. It’s just a part two to your life’s movie, a new beginning. How it goes does depend on how the couple directs it, but let’s not write critics even before it’s directed.


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